Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training

What is this course?

In today’s technology driven world, having an online presence is a requirement to ensure the success of your SME. To exist, grow and succeed as a business, you need people to know about you.

Many businesses will have a website, and these are relatively straightforward to create and maintain. The key to success lies in digitally marketing your website to optimise search engine hits allowing customers to interact with you easily. Some of the main benefits of this investment are:

  • Helps your business to remain competitive
  • Cost effective – cheaper than TV or paper marketing
  • Understanding how to utilise the tools for yourself saves the cost of hiring a marketing professional
  • Builds trust in your customers – more likely to visit your website if you appear on a search engine

What will I learn?

  • Gain an understanding of current SEO best practice
  • Develop an SEO plan for your website
  • Monitor, measure, analyse and improve your results
  • Keep up with changing and developing techniques

What topics will be covered?

  • Importance of internet marketing
  • How a search engine works?
  • Understanding SERP
  • Google algorithm updates
  • Website audits
  • Google search console
  • Keywords, research and analysis
  • On-page optimisation (onsite)
  • Off-page optimisation
  • Website analytics

Who is this course suitable for?

It is suitable for anybody who is new to digital marketing or anybody who wants to understand the best ways to utilise and create a business plan to promote your business.

What will I recieve?

  • In depth training from a Social and Digital marketing expert
  • Carefully delivered course designed to provide you with an understanding and ability to plan and manage your digital marketing strategy
  • Lunch and refreshments during the course
  • Practical hands on experience
  • Certificate of attendance (upon request)

Pre-requisites and preparing for this course

Please ensure you have access to social media sites and a website for your business and bring along your logins for your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts.

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